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Ross Styles has worked and trained with people from all walks of life including medical professionals, elite level athletes, Actors, Singers, Managing Directors and Busy Mums.

Including names like David Haye (boxing), Ralph fiennes (actor), Mollie King (singer). 

​"During my adult life I have experienced a whole range of aliments, niggles and aches and have desperately hoped to find understanding and cure through a whole series of specialists including, sports physiotherapists, chiropractitioners and even Doctors of holistic medicines and treatments. At twenty nine years old and on the surface in fine fettle I had hoped my body had many more miles on the clock and yet even with huge personal cost and so called professional advice it continued to break down. Being a fairly active guy in my prime I found these long periods of convalesce in my latter twenties extremely frustrating and often painful. It was not until Ross was recommended to me that things began to change for the better. Initially I was somewhat suspect, as I had not heard of or come across a neuro-muscular therapist previously, but after my first consultative session my worries were soon doused. His appraisal was swift and succinct and instantly made sense to me. Rather than judge my numerous ailments individually he simply looked for the root cause of the problem and soon discovered where the major issues lay. I can honestly say that after two sessions with Ross I could see and feel real progress. My only gripe is that I wished I had been introduced to him sooner. Thanks for the help Ross".

Patrick Kuan (Actor)

LA, Californa

“While working on several projects my stress levels were rather high to say the least. I needed to train hard enough to put on muscle for my role without getting run-down or injured. It was not long until I realized just to put all my trust in Ross. Which is not something I take lightly. He proved me right. I had not only managed to get rid of my niggling injuries but I had bulked up and all this by actually training less.”

Ralph Fiennes (Actor)

London, UK


“I used to be petrified of just the thought of the gym, however my doctor had told me I must try something. I was overweight unfit and had no idea where to start. A friend of mine recommended Ross to me. And I have never looked back. Not only does Ross know exactly what he’s talking about but also he truly cares. I actually look forward to our sessions and I have never felt better. Simply the best personal training in London”

Simon Danczuk (Labour MP)

London & Rochdale, UK

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"I had injured my knee and my manager sent me along to train with Ross, he strengthened my knee while making me fitter and leaner for my upcoming tour. His knowledge literally freaks me out! Ask him anything related to health & fitness and he’ll talk for hours if you let him. He’s awesome!"

Mollie King (Singer)

London, UK

“It was eight weeks until my wedding day and I looked and felt terrible. I met Ross and he put me on a punishing but enjoyable workout plan that included an easy to understand diet. He took all the guesswork out of the equation for me. Not only did I look fantastic on my special day but I felt great too. I would recommend Ross to anyone.”

Linda Harding

London, UK

“Ross has changed my body and how I will use it forever. For years I had trained my body and built it to be a strong and durable machine or so I thought! Then my body started breaking down and no one had a solution for the physical problems I was having. Then I found Ross through the Joshi clinic in London and I was saved. Because of his personality and training regime Ross was easy to listen too and take orders from, he always made me feel capable, even when I felt like my body was beyond repair. Today I use the techniques and the exercises which Ross taught me and I try to help others understand their bodies the way Ross made me understand mine. I could talk for hours about Ross and how much he has affected my life because of the way he made me feel about myself, and the fact that I am a stronger and finer tuned man because of him.”

Alexander Stavrou (Actor)

San Francisco & London

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