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I’m Ross Styles and I am fascinated by health and fitness! 


When I was young I attended a karate class, which I loved, and I also found myself in a dance class. I say found because at first I was supposed to just sit and wait while my sister attended, however I found it more fun to join in than to wait for an hour doing nothing. I was not taking the dance lessons too seriously, at least I didn’t think so, but I was amazed how these dance lessons were making me better at karate, surely only karate would make me better at karate. 


At the time I was only 10 years old, but it stuck with me and ever since I have been fascinated with human movement. This led me to want to study movement, but what should I study? Massage, osteopathy, physiotherapy? I had no idea, and besides I had years to decide. 


So I just started reading anything I could find in the library, and by the time I was 15, I thought I understood the body well. I could name all the bones, most of the muscles and tendons, and ligaments. But I didn’t really understand movement, well, not from the books I had read. And that is when I decided to try and find out as much as I could about movement, by moving. 


The first thing I decided to study on my ‘journey to discover true movement’ was Kung Fu. The specific Kung Fu I studied was Lau Gar and I was hooked, that was my dogma. I drove my Mum mad with everything Kung Fu, my thoughts at the time were: everyone not doing Kung Fu was wrong. 

That was until I got injured, how could this happen? I thought I had found the perfect way to move. 


Since then, I have studied Yoga, Capoeira, rock-climbing, Pilates, Muay- Thai boxing, Crossfit, Boxing, Gymnastics, to mention a few, as well as studying many training protocols, sprinting, progressive overload, muscle endurance, hypertrophy, swimming, the list goes on, and I can honestly say now, I have a great grasp of movement and I have no dogma. What works, works, and this is often different from one person to another. 


I still feel I can learn more and always will, I’m currently finding the fascia system and how it effects movement, fascinating. I will always continue to study and, hopefully, will always find ways to help my clients move better and get to their goals quickly. safely and efficiently. 


“Aside from his extensive hands on experience, Ross has gained fitness industry certifications from some of the most prestigious personal training, sports medicine and therapy academies from around the world. One of an elite few Performance Enhancement Specialists as well as a Corrective Exercise Specialist in Europe, he has studied and worked extensively in the fields of movement dysfunction, biochemistry, nutrition and neuromuscular therapy. He is continuing his studies in neuromuscular therapy and postural corrective therapy, keeping him at the forefront of his Personal Coaching profession. His multi-disciplinary approach has attracted clients from all walks of life from the overweight to the elite level athlete, from martial artists to actors, singers and medical professionals.”

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