September 24, 2019

The difference between Folic Acid and Folate. 

There are cases when taking a synthetic supplement can yield more benefit than a natural one. For example, Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a synthesised version of L-Carnitine, which is a derivative of the amino acids lysine and meth...

August 29, 2019

Reaching the point in life when you’re eligible for senior discounts has its perks. But it’s also an excellent time to check in with yourself and form a plan for living well and ageing healthier. The reality is that none of us are getting any younger. However, you can...

December 29, 2018

I'm putting together a list of supplements I take. Below is the list so far. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D acts on over 1,000 different genes and serves as a substrate for sex hormones like testosterone, human growth hormone, and estrogen. It moderates immune function and inflamm...

Bad back? Knee pain? It could be weak glutes! More specifically, weak Gluteus Medius! Try this simple exercise. 

August 31, 2018

Shoulder pain? Try this. 

August 29, 2018

Many back issues are due to weak Gluteus. Check out this video on an exercise that will help. 

A 1 minute video to help you fix your frame. 


Personal Training London

August 27, 2018

August 26, 2018

A comprehensive worldwide study of alcohol use and its impact on health concludes that the safest level of consumption is zero.

A new study finds that drinking no alcohol at all is best for health.

The Global Burden of Disease Study 2016 has calculated levels of alcohol...

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February 1, 2016

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