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Mollie King's Workout Plan

Mollie came to me with a knee problem and after an inspection I could see there was a slight weakness due to motor control issues in her gluteus medius, and over time due to compensations this had led to weakness in her tissues around her knee. At the time she was rehearsing a lot for her upcoming tour with the Saturdays, so the first step was to strengthen the knee and teach her body to reconfigure her motor control weaknesses. I need to add that Mollie was seriously lacking mobility in her posterior chain, calves and hamstrings especially, so I needed to put a work out plan together that would not only begin to fix these ailments but also make her fitter and stronger for her upcoming tour.



Foam roll: calves, hamstrings, TFL

Lacrosse ball roll: The gluteals, lower erector spinae and plantar fascia

Mobility warm up

Femur release


Circuit: Four rounds in total

Bridge Hold as long as possible. (you must always feel it in the glutes)

Gluteus medius activation (Hold as long as possible)

Straight leg deadlift (with a weight that makes you reach failure at 20 reps)

Skiers (10 reps)

Wall holds (holding as long as possible)

Squat on discs with ball for gage (this was added in the 3d week once we had better mobility and strength, the reps were slowly increased)

Core activation

This was done one after another then the circuit was repeated 4 times.

Wall piston breaths (10 reps)

5 breath cycle

Lower ab activation

Scaled hollow back hold



HiiT & Tone (Added in the 3rd week.)

Please contact me for any information in this blog or any fitness, diet and health advice.

Ross Styles Celebrity Personal Trainer London


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