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Toxins and weight loss


The truth is that fat cells do a lot more than store and release energy. They are also a reservoir for hormones. When they grow and expand, they give the immune system a signal that they are infected. Fat cells also store poisonous chemicals from our environment.

In other words, the more fat cells you have (and the more they grow), the more:

· Estrogen is produced.

· Inflammatory signals are released.

· Poisonous chemicals from the environment are retained.

Slimming down cleanses the body of excess hormones and outside toxins. It drastically cuts down on inflammation and reduces the risk of disease. But losing weight and shrinking fat cells is not just a matter of calories in and calories out.

Did you know that an impaired inner ecology can lead to obesity?

That’s right. What kind of bacteria and yeast you have in your gastrointestinal tract can mean the difference between slim and obese. When we use fermented foods and probiotic liquids, we reset the inner ecology of the gut.

A healthy inner ecosystem has other advantages. Good bacteria can actually help to metabolize heavy metals. And they naturally work to reduce inflammation—all of which can help you to reach your optimum level of health.


How well your body is able to detoxify is the difference between weight loss failure and weight loss success.

As you release poisons that have accumulated in the body over time, you naturally control inflammation and shed excess weight. And making healthier choices in any area of your life becomes less of a struggle.

When detoxing you need to consider

· Digestive system

· Liver

· Immune system

This is why my detox that I give my clients first works on truly detoxifying the body, while taking into consideration their lifestyle and activity levels. The second step is to fill their body with micro nutrients and then reteach what is an effective ‘diet’ long term.

Please contact me for any information in this blog or any fitness, diet and health advice.

Ross Styles Celebrity Personal Trainer London


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